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BC Ministry of Education Inspection: BC Collegiate

On November 14-15, the BC Ministry of Education sent a team of 3 distinguished inspectors to BC Collegiate Canada for its annual Offshore School Certification Inspection.  The team spent two days in classes and working with the administration going over the points of the inspection catalog to ensure the school is meeting and/or exceeding Ministry requirements for Offshore Schools.

The team was very complimentary of our school and teaching staff and provided helpful suggestions to continue improving the school.

Highlights of the inspection include:

Promising Practices

1.  Extensive use of BC Performance standards and rubrics. Teachers using and generating their own student friendly rubrics.  Going out of their way to ensure students can articulate what is good work.

2.  Timetabling:  Allows for collaborative planning, structure and built-in time to meet and work together.

3.  Teaching Planning Docs – lesson planning form provided to teachers is excellent.

4.  Pervasive use of technology as a tool for student learning.  Provided an environment where kids can use in the learning process.  Very forward thinking in this modern age.

2013 BC Inspection

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