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BC Premier Throne Speech: India and BC Education

A new legislative session in BC started this week with BC Premier Christy Clark’s throne speech. Premier Clark’s speech mentioned international education and India; the first sector that was highlighted as accelerating was international education.

Below are a few excerpts; if you want to read more: http://www.leg.bc.ca/40th4th/4-8-40-4.htm

“Last September, the Jobs Plan was accelerated across eight key sectors of our diverse economy to attract investment and to create jobs across the province.

They are: International Education, Transportation, Forestry, Mining and Energy, Technology and the Green Economy, Tourism, Agrifoods, and Natural Gas.

In international education, the number of international students has increased by 20 per cent in just five years, spending $2.3 billion in B.C., and supporting almost 25,500 jobs. At the same time, opportunities for B.C. students to study abroad have increased steadily, through partnerships with overseas institutions.

On the horizon is India — an emerging economic giant. Since 2011, trade with India has increased by 157 per cent — and it will continue to grow.

Skills Training and Education

Members, neither fiscal responsibility nor growing the economy is done for its own sake.

Whether they were born and raised here, new arrivals, or considering coming back home from away, we must ensure British Columbians have the opportunities to benefit from economic growth.

That begins with skills training and education.

By 2022 over a million job openings are expected across British Columbia. 44 per cent will be in trades and technical professions.

Launched last year, the Skills for Jobs Blueprint includes $7.5 billion every year on education and training, and more than 1,400 critical LNG training seats throughout the province.

In education, our student outcomes are among the best in the world, and we now have an opportunity to improve.

Compared to other provinces, B.C. students are top-ranked in reading and science, and second in math.

Since 2001, the number of aboriginal students graduating from our schools has increased by 103 per cent. The number of students with special needs graduating is up by 166 per cent.

But the world does not stand still.

This year, the Ministry of Education is bringing some of the best thinking on learning from around the world to B.C. students, teachers and parents, to make sure our students are ready for the world they will inherit.”

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