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Canadian International Kindergarten (CIK™) is a Canadian-based curriculum Kindergarten program developed by Offshore Education Ltd. that can be tailor made to the specific needs of a local market. For example, an investor looking to start a school program in China can contract with Offshore Education to develop a campus of CIK™ – we deliver a ready to start Kindergarten program to your location and work as partners to develop the school.

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About Canadian International Kindergarten (CIK™)

Through social and play-based learning, students are immersed in a dynamic and enthusiastic environment where they are encouraged to explore, build social skills, try new things, build skills and practice through repetition. All areas of learning are integrated and a strong focus is put on English Language Arts.

Classes that students take include:
  • English Language Arts
  • Social Studies Math
  • Physical Education Drama
  • Health and Career
  • Art
  • Local Language Arts

Students who graduate CIK™ are well prepared to take on the next challenge in their academic career with a strong foundation in English language and the social skills to interact with manners, respect, and the ability to be both creative and able to work within the framework of social responsibilities as young learners.

Our students have fun, learn, and become role models.

CIK™ Includes:
  • Nursery to Kindergarten grade levels, 4 years of education
  • Play-based learning
  • A timetable that promotes English Language Arts development
  • Integration of technology
  • Sports, Art, Music
  • Math, Science, History

Offshore Education Ltd. works with partners interested in establishing Kindergarten schools.

  • We provide:
  • Timetables, Year Plans, Schedule
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher recruitment and training
  • Policy structure and operational plan
  • Site development and design
  • Turn-Key operations – ready to start the school.

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