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Keys to a Successful Start to a School Year

One of the keys to successfully launching a school year is information and the succesful transfer and communication of information between all school stakeholders.  This begins with the administration setting goals and targets for the year and staffing the school to achieve those goals.

The next key is to communicate these goals, levels of support, and policies that will ensure a successful school  year to parents.  Bringing parents to the school prior to the start of the year ensures that the school can present information.  The school should also hand it out in paper form so that parents can digest and post on the school website, and then transfer the information to students so they are ready to begin the year.

Keep in mind to:

1.  Clearly set goals.

2. Focus all planning on achieving the goals.

3. Ensure staff understand goals.

4.  Set time to communicate ideas and goals to parents.

5.  Communicate goals to students.

6.  Regularly reflect on progress.

7.  Meet parents and students regularly throughout the year to report progress.

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