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Offshore Education Ltd. is a Service Provider for International and Offshore Schools.

Offshore Schools:

The BC Offshore Schools Program has nearly 50 schools in China, South Korea, Egypt, Thailand, and Columbia. Offshore Education Ltd. President is an official Offshore Program Consultant for the BC Offshore Program and can represent BC Offshore schools to help with staffing, communication with the BC Ministry of Education, and ensuring schools meet certification standards.

More info can be found at: http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/offshore_schools/os_consultants.pdf


Offshore Education Ltd. also works with other provincial programs in Canada to help accredit schools.


As a Service Provider, Offshore Education Ltd. provides:

Canadian Ministry of Education Certification:
  1. Complete all applications and review catalogs and submit to MOE.
  2. Maintaining certification.
  3. Communication with MOE and school.
  4. On-site support during Inspection


School Development Planning and Logistics:
  1. Provide consulting services to the School Authority regarding long-term planning, vision, direction, and logistics related to growing and expanding a start-up or existing school.


Human Resources:
  1. Hiring of Certified Faculty
  2. Hiring and Supervision of Administration (Canadian Principal)
  3. Contracts: Create and implement teacher and administration contracts. Professional Development:


Professional Development:
  1. Teacher Training (Orientation, on-going Professional Development)
  2. Administration Training (Administrators handbook, training sessions, on-going Professional Development).


Data Management:
  1. Training staff and sefng school policy for Data Transfer to Canadian MOE.


  1. SelecDng suitable resources for delivery of Canadian Curriculum.



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