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Opening Speech from BCC Principal

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The first day of school for year 4 at BC Collegiate took place on Friday August 29th, 2014.  The day started with a speech by new Principal Mr. Howard Robertson, followed by introductions of Vice Principal Ms. Jenni Collis, and Director Mr. Jeff Bromstein and our teaching team for 2014/15.  Students then proceeded to class to meet new friends and teachers while parents learned more about the school goals, routines, and plans for the upcoming year.  A great day to kick off another great year at BC Collegiate.  Below is the text of Mr. Robertson’s welcome speech.

“Good morning, parents, students, and teachers.  For our new parents, teachers, and students, welcome to BCC. We are happy that you have decided to join our educational community. The standards and. expectations at BCC are very high, but you will find that the education received here exceeds that of most public and private international schools by comparison. 

For our returning students, parents , and teachers, welcome back! Over the summer, there have been some changes. We have added a new middle school/high school campus, which many of you will see today when you go to meet your teachers. There have been some alterations and changes to the after school program which are designed to peak your interest and increase your knowledge base about many subjects.

Students, consider yourself lucky. I am convinced that you have some of the best teachers available and I know you will learn beyond your expectations from them this year. Here at BCC,  we treat everyone with respect. Students, you will be treated equally with respect and the same is expected from you. Students, know that at BCC we maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying. Bullying in any form is not allowed. Treat each other with kindness and respect and you will receive the same in return. You will be expected to wear the BCC uniform proudly and represent your school in a good way always. Students, listen to your teachers and administrators. Their experience and knowledge will guide you to heights you never dreamed possible. Your personal best is expected at all times. Remember, if you can dream it, you can be it.

Parents, every day you trust us with the most valuable thing on your life: Your children. Here at BCC, all children are treated equally and with dignity and respect. We expect the same in return from the students. Yes, academics are very important, but here at BCC we also place importance on good manners and good moral values. I am also a parent, and I treat and every child as if they are my own child.
We are all anticipating a great year at BCC. If at any time you have questions or concerns about the education offered here at BCC, do not hesitate to contact me. Now without further ado, I am pleased to introduce our teachers for the 2014-2015 school year:”

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