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Partner Update: Canada Star Secondary School, BC

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Offshore Education Ltd. is pleased to partner with Canada Star Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia.  CSSS is part of the Canada Star Education Group which provides tutoring, online learning, 2+1 programs between China and BC, and has this year opened Canada Star Secondary School in Richmond, BC.  CSSS is undergoing the process of accreditation from the British Columbia Ministry of Education as an Independent School and opened its doors in September, 2016.

Offshore Education Ltd. is working with CSSS to lead the application, inspection, and certification of the school with the BC MOE as well as supporting operations as the school continues to grow and develop, providing an excellent program of choice for international students coming to BC seeking support for academic and language development.  CSSS supports our students to enrol in BC and Canadian post-secondary institutions upon graduation.

Learn more at: www.canstarlearning.com  


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