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How to Start a Project

Schools start with a concept and work through project steps from planning to realized goal.  The first step is to contact us and to discuss your goals and timeline. After initial discussion, Offshore Education Ltd. will develop a plan and a variety of options for executing the plan into reality.

Offshore Education Ltd. has a variety of forms of partnership that help bring investors and educators together to successfully launch an international education project:

Service Provider Contract: This fee based contract enlists Offshore Education Ltd. to develop a school project for an existing corporation, school, or government while retaining full ownership.

Joint-Venture: Offshore Education Ltd. works with a partner to create a new venture with both parties investing to create a top quality school project.

Select Services: Offshore Education Ltd. can also use our Consulting Services to help with one area of development in the project, from hiring teachers to selecting textbooks, we can work with a partner to develop in a particular area of need.

Franchise Options:  Offshore Education Ltd. develops and licenses Canadian International Kindergarten (CIK™) schools, developing new Nursery-Kindergarten schools overseas.


Contact Us Today to Learn About Starting A Project

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