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Population Stats on Indo-Canadians

With Canadian Point Grey Academy (CPGA) set to open in the Punjab, India, this spring, it is interesting to review the large number of Indo-Canadians in Canada and especially in BC.  CPGA is being built with the concept of enhancing the two-way flow of traffic between the Punjab and India, helping build trade and economic development for both regions.

CPGA is set to open Spring 2015.  Offshore Education Ltd. has sent the start-up team to India this week to oversee the start-up of the school.   For more information, please see www. canadianpointgrey.org.

Canadian Province

Indian Population 

Ontario 722,153
British Columbia 302,153
Alberta 140,265
Quebec 53,400
Manitoba 25,400
Sakatchewan 10,200
Nova Scotia 4,400
New Brunswick 2,605
Newfoundland &


Yukon 310
PEI 255
Northwest Territories 165
Nunavut 80

Canada Total


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Canadians#Population_settlement

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