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School Book Fairs: Donations Support Library Growth

On October  17&18, BC Collegiate hosted their 5th Book Fair for parents and students.   By planning events that such as book fairs, the school can help support the growth of the print resources in the school library.  During the establishment of BC Collegiate, Offshore Education Ltd. helped plan and develop the library through the purchase of some 10,000 titles.  Since then, the school has raised over $20,000 each year through commissions from the sale of books and donations from parents during the Book Fairs.

The library is an essential learning tool in every school, even in the modern digital age.  Children and students discover the world around them through reading.  By supporting this through organizing Book Fairs, it is possible for children to learn beyond the walls of the school.

Offshore Education Ltd. helps schools set up libraries and to organize events that support school growth.

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