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The following is a list of the services we provide to clients and partners in building schools around the world.  Services are organized in steps from the start of the project through on-going operations as a fully realized project:

Step 1: On-Site Inspection

  • Conduct a Site Inspection/Visit to the School or the site of the proposed School
  • Inspect existing facilities, review plans, timetables, calendars, local requirements
  • Meet the Owners, teachers, review the facilities
  • Conduct a Preliminary Review to establish the scope of the project and to identify major construction and consulting works that would be required to meet standards
  • Review school ownership structure and suitability for approval by MOE
  • Prepare a report to Owner on the feasibility of the project with recommendations for school certification
  • Discussion of possible partnership options and suggested timeline for project
  • Collecting documents required to determine feasibility and to make application to provincial governments, if applicable.


Step 2: School Application

  • Prepare the Application to the Canadian Ministry of Education
  • Complete application form and business plan including financial documents
  • Background report on the School’s history/owner’s background, the plans and why a school is needed here and now
  • Prepare the Growth Plan with existing student and staff population and projected growth over 5 years
  • Prepare the Requirements Review to determine the academic and construction requirements
  • Verify the Owner’s Qualification Criteria covenants
  • Assist Owner in preparation of the Certification Agreement and payment of fees
  • Follow-up with MOE during Approval process and update the Owner
  • Work towards signing the Initial Curriculum Delivery contract with the Canadian government which authorizes the project to move forward with the Canadian program.

Step 3: Approval to Opening Day

Marketing:  OEL outlines the parameters for Market Studies, works with clients to engage a firm, monitors the progress and achievement of the planned goals.

  • Develop logos, school colours, concept, name
  • Calendar for handout to prospective students and parents
  • Create a school brochure aimed at prospective students and parents
  • Edit and write content for the school’s web site targeting prospective parents
  • School uniforms and physical education kit
  • Create parent information presentation
  • Training of local admissions staff

Requirements Drawings, Report, and Fitup: Requirement Documents answer the required questions allowing OEL to apply the Ministry of Education standards to the existing or new school to establish the framework for the project.

From the Requirements, the architect prepares working drawings. The Principal or Education Consultant prepares timetables, course outlines, teacher and staff needs, job descriptions, and hiring. The budget is struck and fee structures laid out. The Requirements Documents based on the OEL System includes:

  • Phasing
  • Academic Requirements
  • Staffing Requirements: teachers, administration staff etc
  • Classrooms Requirements
  • Standard Drawings for classrooms, electrical, lighting, equipment and furniture placement
  • Technology Requirements: Internet, computers, tablets, software
  • Accommodations Requirements: teachers and students
  • Sports Facilities Required
  • Ancillary facilities including Eating/Kitchen, Storage, Stage, Multi-purpose Rooms, Dormitories, Parking, Trails and Traffic Flow

Furniture and Equipment Fitup

  • Prepare a list of equipment and furniture for classrooms, sports, science labs, libraries, cafeteria, dormitories, administration offices based on Requirements Documents
  • The School/Owner/Contractor will be responsible for sourcing and procuring the Fitup

Review/Approval Construction Drawings

  • Review of plans to build new/expand
  • Comments and revisions forwarded to architect to ensure the project meets educational standards and requirements.


Construction Inspection

  • Supplementary to the Architect’s inspection
  • OEL reviews for compliance with the Requirements while the architect/project manager inspects for meeting the working drawings and building code specifications.


  • Hire Canadian certified Principal and Teachers,
  • Assist in hiring local teachers, support staff, administrators
  • Assist in visa, work permit
  • Prepare contracts for all staff
  • Keep records for all staff
  • Establish accommodation requirements for overseas staff (ie non-local)
  • Prepare and annually update a handbook for acclimatizing overseas staff
  • Provide professional development for new teachers and administration prior to starting work

School Policy and Procedure

Assist the School in developing and enforcing policies and procedures for:

  • Governance and administration
  • Student admissions, attendance and records management
  • Student assessment
  • Student supervision and classroom management
  • Parental appeals
  • Human Resources (i.e., hiring, compensation, accommodation, leave, and dismissal policies and procedures that align with program requirements and adhere to relevant human rights and employment standards legislation)
  • Evaluation and professional development for administrators and teachers
  • Complaints management and dispute resolution (to resolve disputes between Principals/Vice-Principals, teachers, and/or the Owner/Operator as applicable).


  • Student and Parent Handbook
  • Teacher (Staff) Handbook
  • New Teacher Orientation Handbook


  • Prepare an Operations Manual for the Admission staff
  • Train admissions staff to lead the marketing and recruitment efforts to enrol new students into the school.
  • Provide admissions documents, presentations, requirements, and method for use in the school
  • In Schoolware, the Admission’s section to collect and present information on prospective parents and students and
  • Record the interviews and to collect personal, education data
  • Enrol the student and assign to a grade, class and teacher

Operations Manual

Write and update an Operations Manual for the School covering the following topics:

  • Background of the BC Offshore Program
  • Requirements
  • Admissions Process and Procedures
  • Job Descriptions
  • Teaching: Operating the School Program
  • Monitor and Develop
  • Government Reporting Requirements
  • OEL Schoolware™: the school software program
  • Communications Systems
  • Cleaning Tasks and Procedures

Textbooks and Library Books

  • Develop a list of textbooks for each grade being taught
  • Develop a list of books (Fitup) for the library based on grades being taught
  • Assist school in acquiring and shipping the books


License OEL’s proprietary software for administering the school.  Used to meet the MOE’s requirements for record keeping

School Records to be maintained:

  • Local government approval
  • Student records
  • Administration and teacher records
  • Records related to the operation of the school including financial records
  • Annual reports and supporting documentation
  • Health records
  • Human resources
  • Admissions

Step 4: Year-to-Year Operation

Annual Inspection Visits:  OEL works with the school to set a schedule of 3-4 on-site inspections per year.  Annual inspections generally coincide with government inspections, special events, and start/end of school year.

School Operations

  • Staffing: Review existing staffing plan, determine human resources annual plan, attend job fairs, interview and recruit teachers and administration.
  • Oversee evaluations of all teachers and staff, conduct administration evaluations.
  • Determine program changes and requirements updates
  • Continue the 5 year planning review and implementation
  • Review of budgets and oversee new budgets
  • Provide Ministry updates and communications and help school implement program changes
  • Oversee and monitor school operations through Schoolware
  • Resolve conflicts and manage the Appeals process
  • Build network connections for school

Duties and Liaison with Ministry of Education

  • Act as the primary contact to liaise and communicate with the Ministry
  • Manage and resolve complaints to satisfaction of Ministry
  • Support and participate in the Ministry’s school inspections and audits
  • Work with Owner/Operator to ensure compliance with all agreements and requirements
  • Work with Principal and teachers to ensure that Owner/Operator accountabilities and timelines are clearly understood and fulfilled
  • Ensure that all annual reporting requirements are met
  • Ensure the Owner/Operator recruits and hires only qualified and competent personnel
  • Attend all Ministry informations sessions
  • Work with Owner/Operator and Principal and teachers to address the Ministry’s recommendations and requirements


Offshore Education Ltd. Develops:

Canadian Certified Offshore Schools

Post-Secondary Partnerships Schools (College and University Level)

International Schools

High School Graduation Programs within existing schools

ESL Schools

With passion for education, a focus on quality and a team of dedicated professionals, Offshore Education Ltd. builds quality international schools.

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