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At Offshore Education Ltd., we believe that School Reviews and Inspections provide schools with valuable advice, insight, and understanding of existing operations with an eye on finding creative ways to improve.
We base our School Reviews and Inspections based on our Areas of Focus:

Areas of Focus

Category A:  School Community Category B:  Data Collection
Social Responsibility:  Schools must lead children to become socially responsible, contributing members of the global community. School Facilities and Resources: What facilities and resources are available to operate the program.
Technology:  The present and future of education is in the purposeful use of technology.  This is particularly critical for schools overseas and in remote locations. Administration:  Policies, procedures, and systems in place by the school to operate the school.
Community Connections:  Schools are at the centre of community and connections with the community build awareness and understanding of the various roles in a community. Teaching Staff: Professional development, support in grade groupings, evaluation program.
Practical Experience: Good schools provide opportunities for practical understanding and practical experience. Records and Data:  The basic data that provides demographic and achievement information.


The process includes pre-visit document gathering, on-site meetings with the school community, and extended follow-up after report submission.

The process involves an in-depth review of:

Facilities Review – maximize use of space, add technology, redevelop for modern learning environment.
Technology Implementation – the 21st Century Classroom
Human Resources
Academic Program
Data Management
Athletic Program
Admissions Process
Graduation Program and Success
Athletic Program
University Application Process and Rate of Success Student Scholarship and Bursary awards

Offshore Education Ltd. provides inspectors who lead the school administration, Board of Directors, and ownership through a detailed inspection process that includes pre-inspection questionnaire, on-site inspection, and follow-up report and plan.

Inspections can be established for one-time visits or can be part of an ongoing development plan.

To discuss how a School Review and Inspection can help your school grow, please Contact Us 

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