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The International Education market is a fast-growing industry with a sharp upward growth curve over the coming decades.
Starting an international school is an excellent investment that can give back to a local community, help prepare the future generation for success in the modern global world, and help diversify investment and corporate portfolios for growth and success.
Schools can develop as new construction, planning a school from an idea, to drawings, through the process of construction to star-up and enrollment of students.
Alternatively, schools can develop from an existing site and grow and develop into new sites and locations.
Offshore Education Ltd. helps convert existing schools to Canadian curriculum schools. In this case, an established school can switch the whole school to a Canadian curriculum program, or establish a Canadian program within the school that leads to graduation with a Canadian diploma.

To Start A School:

  1. Choose type of school (new, existing, international, offshore)
  2. Contract with Offshore Education Ltd. to determine cooperation plan.
  3. Planning, design, and development of educational vision.
  4. Development of Board of Governance.
  5. Construction
  6. Staffing
  7. Marketing
  8. Admissions and Student Recruiting
  9. Student Records and Files
  10. Opening Day
  11. School Development and Growth : Meeting and exceeding goals.


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