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Summer Pro-D Opportunity for Teachers in BC

Offshore Education Ltd. received notice from a fellow Offshore School in Korea regarding a Pro-D Opportunity for summer in BC – details are below:

Dear Mr. Reid,
One of the literacy programs we use in our school is “Reading Power,” designed by Adrienne Gear.
In an effort to provide some quality professional development for our teachers at Hayat I have reached out to Ms. Gear and my former university to put together an event in the Greater Vancouver Area (where she resides). It is scheduled to occur on July 25th at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C.
Though the impulse behind the event was to provide professional development for teachers at my school I feel it would be an excellent opportunity for all offshore teachers, who have may have limited access to these type of opportunities during the year.
If you have teachers that reside in the Greater Vancouver area during the summer or who may travel there on the date listed please feel free to forward the following website:
The website contains information on cost, location, parking, amenities, etc. Teachers can purchase tickets directly from the site. The money will go towards the presenters fee, space rental and other costs associated with setting up the event. Any profits made from the event will be donated to the education program at the university. No fees will go to the event organizer.
Note: Trinity Western University Education Alumni/ Student teachers will be in attendance as well. I think it will be a great opportunity for the younger teachers to network. With the recent layoffs I think morale is low.
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