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Offshore Education Ltd. helps schools to select, purchase, and ship textbooks and resources that complement Canadian and international curriculums.

Offshore Education Ltd. provides door-to-door service for schools looking to build excellent resources.

The process for ordering textbooks and resources includes:

  1. Offshore Education Ltd. recommends to the school supplies to meet curriculum requirements. We send an estimate invoice from Schoolware™ to the school for approval.
  2. The school confirms the order by paying the textbook order deposit.
  3. Offshore Education Ltd. places orders through Education Publishing companies in Canada and the United States. We gather the resources at our office.  Once all resources are received, we package and ship with packing lists and descriptions of each item to make sorting at the school simple.
  4. Offshore Education Ltd confirms the final invoice with shipping fees to the school.

Turnaround time depends on the shipping from each supplier to our office and customs clearance in the country in which the school operates.

We provide access to the latest and best resources available for schools and can recommend additional resources to help teacher support academic achievement.

Traditional paper based textbooks from top North American publishers.

Electronic textbooks – join the shift to e-books and save on shipping and cost.

  • Support Kits and Manipulative Kits to provide hands-on learning in Maths and Sciences
  • Full K-12 support for all subject areas
  • Electronic textbooks – join the shift to e-books and save on shipping and cost.
  • PE Resources
  • ESL Resources
  • AP/Pre-AP/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS resources
  • Teacher Training texts and materials


Contact us today to learn more about resources solutions for your school.



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